Educational Robotics

Educational Robotics is the most meaningful proposal for translating STEM and STEAM concepts into action, in a way suitable for school-age children.In a rapidly changing world, children need to be equipped with knowledge and skills that will help them to deal effectively with their future challenges!
Educational Robotics comes to combine the world of Engineering with the world of Programming, teaching students to create complete robotic machines. Through these, children are introduced to the basic concepts of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) and gain knowledge of machine building and programming languages suitable for younger ages!

Educational Robotics Classes


Ages: Kindergarden

Year A

Ages: 1st grade – Elementary

Year B

Ages: 2nd grade – Elementary

Year C

Ages: 3rd grade – Elementary

Year D

Ages: 4th grade – Elementary

Year E

Ages: 5th grade – Elementary

Advance Classes

Ages: 5th grade and up


Educational Method

Our educational method includes:

  • Introduction to theoretical concepts of computer science using educational games and interactive activities
  • The children work in small groups in which they work in sub-groups, learning to work together.
  • Reflection, experimentation, and practical validation through constructions made by the children themselves
  • The curriculum is linked to the age-appropriate curriculum of the school and thus we succeed:
    • Clarification of concepts in an alternative and practical way
    • Understanding of concepts of the mathematics and physics lessons such as mathematical concepts like length, time, mass, geometric shapes, symmetry, etc.
    • Understanding of programming concepts that form the basis for the course of Computer Science and Programming in secondary school and high school

Children will have the opportunity to learn about Robotics and:

  • attend a comprehensive series of lessons aimed at developing their basic skills such as Computational Thinking and Problem-Solving Skills!
  • to combine knowledge from the fields of Science, Computer Science and Mathematics!
  • to develop their personalities in the company of STEAM specialists!
  • acquire essential skills for the world of tomorrow
  • discover the magical world of Educational Robotics!
  • to get in touch with New Technologies!
  • to build their own mechanical and robotic machines from scratch!
  • learn about programming!
  • play and have fun while learning!


At the same time, the workshops are implemented in such a way that basic skills are cultivated, which are particularly important for this age group. Thus, every child will learn:

– To cooperate and work in teams

– To work together and collaborate in teams and work together

– Understand the basic principles of simple machines

– The concept of algorithm and programming

– To use deductive and combinatorial thinking skills

– Work on their fine motor skills,

– Work independently in a defined environment

– To present his ideas in front of the class